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About Us

Welcome to MoJo's Modded Creations!

mojo-in-a-frame.pngMoJo's Modded Creations is dedicated to providing custom handmade jewelry, hats, accessories, and specialty costumes at an affordable price. Appealing designs that augment your style... causal to formal… everyday wear or special occasions. Personally designed & created by MoJo.  Since each item is handmade, no two are identical. 


MoJo’s Modded Creations was created by me, Melinda (MoJo) Holsinger, to create beautiful jewelry, hats, costumes, and accessories at affordable prices.

I like to create and design. It makes me smile. I hope you enjoy my designs!  

Who is MoJo?

MoJo is a nickname given to me by my family when I was young.  I’ve always had an artistic side. I love to create and design. It makes me smile.

My influences include science fiction, SteamPunk, horror, and dressing photofunia-vintage-photo-regular-2013-08-10-02-06-04.jpgup in a variety of period costumes. At 16 I won my first costume competition at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for a blue velvet ladies dress worn by a classmate. The following year I assisted another classmate with a queen’s dress that won 3rd place.

In the many years since then, I stepped away from art and costume design to focus on my career, except for the periodic costume party or horror convention. Not being able to afford the astronomical prices of other costume designers, I focused on making myself hats and clothing that fit into my budget.  

Tired of the everyday hum drum of the corporate office, I was looking for ways to express my creativity. In 2012, a wonderful man told me that he wished I was always as happy as I am when I am designing costumes, jewelry, and accessories. Therefore, I decided it was time to start my own brand. With his support and encouragement, I started MoJo’s Modded Creations.

Happiness is following your heart and expressing yourself. Life is too short to be trapped by other’s expectations of you. Find who you are and live up to it.

I hope my designs make you smile and help you express your vibrant personality! 

Creating Custom Designs

Although many of my designs are made from scratch, I try to find and incorporate vintage or discarded items to give them new life. An old curtain can be changed into a beautiful bustle. A broken necklace or ring can be crafted into a specialty pendant or as accessories on a hat or buttons for a skirt.

My items are designed to augment your own style and personality. Don’t see an item that is exactly “you”, we can discuss your style and personality and create a custom design just for you.

Check out MoJo’s Modded Creations photo albums on Facebook to get inspiration and ideas for your custom designs. Photos of past and present items available.



MoJo’s Modded Jewelry is handmade using multiple techniques and materials. Jewelry is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. No two pieces are identical. Each personally designed & created by MoJo. 

necklace.pngPrices vary based on size and style. Most pieces have matching earrings available Jewelry Handmade necklaces in a variety of shapes and sizes.  

Click here to access the list of jewelry currently available. Check back often because new pieces are always being created and added.


Handmade Hats

MoJo’s Modded Hats are handmade and reasonably priced. No two hats are identical and each personally designed and decorated by MoJo.hat.jpg

Handmade mini hats come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials.  If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, say the word. You can even design your own.

Click here to access the list of hats currently available. Check back often because new items are always being created and added.



ovrskrt-00005c.jpgMoJo’s Modded Costumes and Clothing that is for sale on this site comes in one size fits most and is adjustable. Items such are overskirts are adjustable skirts that you wear over another skirt, jeans, or shorts. They come in many styles and colors and accommodate waist or hip sizes 32 – 50 inches.

Fitted or custom clothing is not made in advance.  Custom outfits require a consultation and a deposit.  Styles include, but not limited to: Steampunk, Gypsy, Renaissance, Victorian, Disco, Zombie, etc.



For more details, check out the Custom Costume Design page.


To discuss custom clothing designs and options, please email MoJo from the Contact Us Page.



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